Tiina’s house (2012)

This conception of yard’s reconstruction for group of townhouses in Tampere (Finland) has been developed on the request by landscaping company Merjan Puutarha Oy. The residential areas in Finland are often given a traditional Finnish names. This place was called “House of Tiina”, which inspired designer to create several “rooms” on the territory. All existing asphalt passes were kept in situ, but three new functional zones appeared within them: “hallway”, which marks a long pass on the estate’s border; “living room”, which has to become a recreation zone for dwellers and “playroom” which serves as a main playground (small playground also was added to “living room” to keep children busy while adults are resting in the summer house and BBQing) All wooden elements such as summer house, pergolas etc. have a binder – “windows”, as an unaltered part of every house. Also “window” elements were used in the slope decoration near parking space. In the first picture there’s an example of territory’s condition before reconstruction. Three last ones give an impression on plant selection for zones in the following order: “hallway”, “living room”, “playroom”