“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”

Marcus Tullius Cicero

A good garden is like a good book. It doesn’t reveal itself immediately, but the deeper you sink into, the more it holds you. Just like a book, your garden is able to tell you thousands of stories, it entertains and pacifies and shares its wisdom with those who have got an open heart to its wonders.

Good book isn’t written in a day. So as garden creating. It’s a long process involving a full mutual trust between Designer and Customer, psychological comfort and matching of aesthetic views. Not every designer suits every customer fine. Browsing through portfolio, designer’s blog and articles helps to decide whether to start a collaboration or to go on with the search.

About me


Tatiana Kanareikina, landscaping architect Professionally creating gardens since 2007. The chief landscaping architect at St. Petersburg company “Home Oasis” from 2008 to 2010. Show garden “The Provence” that was created in collaboratin with the company took first prize  at the “Imperial Gardens of Russia” in 2010 (in the picture with the designer) I’m experienced in creating privat and municipal gardens in Russia, Sweden and Finland, which is my primary residence at the moment. However, the main working area for me is North-West region of Russia, including extreme climatic zones such as Murmansk . I’m ready to try my hand at any point of the globe, with  the costs of travel and accommodation are subject to payment by the Customer